How to Stream Mobdro on raspberry Pi 3

You can now use Mobdro on Raspbery Pi 3 which is a single board computer for the users of UK. This kind of computer is the basic one needed to teach the students only. The Processor and RAM of this device are short ranged.

Mobdro on Raspberry

Mobdro on Raspberry

  • To download this app on Raspberry Pi 3 you need to follow some basic steps.
  • ATP GET command needs to be used if you wish to get Mobdro on the Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Now you will enter the command, sudo apt- get install modbro
  • Now the OS will check the repositories to see the availability of the app.
  • Next you will be asked about the confirmation for installation of Mobdro.
  • Within a few seconds the Mobdro app will be installed on your Raspberry device.
  • Try to check if the app has been properly installed, search for movies or programmes on the Raspberry device.

Mobdro for Android TV

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