Mobdro for PC (Windows 10/8.1/7) Download

You can enjoy various content on your devices today. But using the smartphones you might feel some drawbacks like you wont get the size to be very large and you would also have some battery issues.

So the users prefer using the apps on their pc. As this is the solution to get the most of it on a big screen. This app is free and is versatile too. You can get varied content. You can also download mobdro for mac pc.


Mobdro for PC Windows

You can get this app for your pc. You just need to follow some steps so that you can do it easily and in less time.

How to download the mobdro app for pc

The app won’t be available to you for the windows pc. Since there is no compatible file for the pc devices. But you will surely get the easiest and the simplest technique here to get it downloaded.

You would require an emulator with which you can download it on the pc. So the emulator that we are going to use is the bluestacks emulator.

mobdro for pc

You need to follow the below steps so that you can download the app for pc.

  • First you need to find the latest version of the mobdro app.
  • The latest version of the app is v2.0.46.
  • After you have downloaded the file click on it.
  • You need to open this with the bluestacks emulator.
  • Allow this process to take its time for completion, then you will be able to see the icon of the app.

Some of the features that you need to know are listed below.


  • The mobdro app is free to users. You can turn to the premium if you wish to.
  • You get a number of channels.
  • The quality of the videos and the streamed content is very high.
  • You can download the content to watch it later.

You can use this app for the windows 8.1, 7 and 10.