How to Fix Mobdro Not Working error

In this page you will get to know about some of the errors that you might face along with the solutions for how to tackle with them.

The mobdro app is one of the most popular one and this is because the app offers you a number of channels that is the animal channel, games, music, tv shows and sports too.

Mobdro app not working properly: Some issues with there solutions

Sometimes when you stream content or play games using this app you might face some issues. These are: live stream is offline, cannot download video or please try again after some time.

Before all the solutions make sure you have the latest apk downloaded from the link provided.

Device storage

One of the most common errors that you might face is due to the data storage. To get rid of this error you need to clear the cache.

  • Go to the settings menu. You need to click on the applications.
  • Go to the application manager. And switch to the mobdro app.
  • Click on the clear cache option.

Currently offline error

You might face this error a lot of times.

To get rid of this you might follow these steps:

  • You first need to check whether you are connected to the internet or not.
  • Refresh the app.
  • And restart the app again.

No content detected

Sometimes you might face that no content is found. This might occur basically when your does not function properly.

  • If you face this, wait for a few moments and then refresh.
  • In case it still persists then it might be the situation that the content is lost.

Playback error

This error usually arises when the internet connection is slow. Like if you are using a 2g connection then you might face this error. In order to get rid of this you need to ensure that the internet connection is fast.

  • Go to the settings menu. Go to the about phone option.
  • Scroll and then you would have to click on the built number option a number of times so that you are able ro enable the developer options.
  • Once you are done with. Restart your app.

And if you want to fix this error for your ios devices then follow the following steps:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  •  Click on general and then on storage use.
  • Go to the manage storage option. Click and then choose the app.
  • Delete the app and download it again.

The mobdro app is of great advantage and you can use it on your pc, android device, mac or ios device. You just need to follow some easy steps. And if you find some errors you can easily tackle them too.