Download Mobdro for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Mint/Fedora) 2020

Linux is the supreme platform for the operating system and probably one of the oldest. Though Mobdro is available for android platform and Linux is the base of android, official version of Mobdro is not available for Linux. So you need Ubuntu or any other Linux operating system to run Mobdro.

Mobdro for Linux
  • Download Mobdro apk from the website of its own.
  • Now you will download the latest version of Shashlik again from the official website of Sashlik.
  • When you double click on the downloaded file, it will be installed.
  • You can then put this command sudo dpkg –i shaslik_0.9.3.deb
  • When you will use Ubuntu to run Mobdro you need to put this command on the terminal cd/home/directory/where/apk/file/is
  • With this command you will enter the directory and then you will run the file with the command shaslik-run modbro.apk mob do
  • A window on the screen will appear like a smartphone window with Mobdro running.

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