How to cast Mobdro to TV without Chromecast

Using Mobdro will help you to watch movies and other various kinds of programs on your android devices. However, if you need to watch them on big screen and do not use chromecast then it can be a problem, as Mobdro is compatible with chromecast but no other media streaming device. However, no one can ignore the beauty of watching something on a bigger screen.

Process to cast Mobdro to TV without Chromecast

Do not worry as Mobdro app will fetch programs of all the world and you will get to see them comfortably at the home screen.

Screen mirroring is an option with which you can view everything that is on your phone to the TV screen. But mirroring needs rooting your device, which is somehow complicated process.

  • Apps like BubbleUPnP or Localcast and Allcast can do this mirroring if you install it on the TV and android device with Mobdro.
  • Another process is streaming devices like Roku Streaming stick or Amazon Fire stick. But if you prefer to use third generation Fire TV stick 4K then native screen monitoring will not be feasible.

 Android casting is another option to solve this problem. If your phone runs on android 4.2 or upper version then you can native cast it with the TV. The TV set should have Miracast which is a wireless standard gadget to connect android device and TV. If the android device and TV are from same manufacturer, then this process will be suitable.

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