How to cast Mobdro to TV without Chromecast

Using Mobdro will help you to watch movies and other various kinds of programs on your android devices. However, if you need to watch them on big screen and do not use chromecast then it can be a problem, as Mobdro is compatible with chromecast but no other media streaming device. However, no one can ignore the beauty of watching something on a bigger screen.

Process to cast Mobdro to TV without Chromecast

Do not worry as Mobdro app will fetch programs of all the world and you will get to see them comfortably at the home screen.

Screen mirroring is an option with which you can view everything that is on your phone to the TV screen. But mirroring needs rooting your device, which is somehow complicated process.

  • Apps like BubbleUPnP or Localcast and Allcast can do this mirroring if you install it on the TV and android device with Mobdro.
  • Another process is streaming devices like Roku Streaming stick or Amazon Fire stick. But if you prefer to use third generation Fire TV stick 4K then native screen monitoring will not be feasible.

 Android casting is another option to solve this problem. If your phone runs on android 4.2 or upper version then you can native cast it with the TV. The TV set should have Miracast which is a wireless standard gadget to connect android device and TV. If the android device and TV are from same manufacturer, then this process will be suitable.

How to Delete Recently watched on Mobdro

No one wants privacy to be intruded, so the net surfing history is deleted in most of the user’s devices. When you are using some application then deleting the recently watched programs is done within that app. Not all app offers the facility to delete the watching history.


Mobdro is a much popular app and it is famous for the feature of letting you watch any program, movies or videos from any sources available on internet. It helps you to bypass the geo-restriction and watch the paid channels for free. But not everything is really smooth about Mobdro. There is no direct process of deleting the recently watched programs history within this app.

Delete Recently watched on Mobdro

  • However, if you are using iPhone, then there is some hope for you. Select the file from the recent list and then download it to make it available offline. Then you can press and hold the offline key on the offline list. The options will arrive after you hold it for a second. Delete it from the device. Then you can check the recent list and it will not be found there.
  • Also if you are using Dropbox with the browser, then deleting the recent watch-history from the websites at once is possible. 
  • You can put the file in mobile in local dropbox. If it is synced with the Mobdro then it will appear on the screen of PC from where you can delete it.

How to add channels to Mobdro

Mobdro is quite popular a software which is used to watch programs that are steamed online. The categories like movies, online trending videos, clippings and footages can be seen via Mobdro. Easy live streaming of movies and shows make Mobdro a popular application.

The entertainment has changed its face due to the appearance of Mobdro on their lives. By using such apps people can see the programs that were earlier restricted to a few counties or locations. The apps let you watch the programs of your choice from any corner of the world.


How to add channels to Mobdro

There are quite a few preloaded channels on Mobdro but some channels can be added here as well. For some regions some particular channels remain unavailable. These channels can be added with the help of VPN.

  • Using VPN is a simple and much popular method. Use the best and most secure VPN to be allowed to add any channel of your choice to Mobdro. Along with that you must also check if you are using the latest version of Mobdro.
  • If it is not so, you may not be able to access all the latest channels on your device through this app.
  • Not always the wished channels can be added on your device via Mobdro, as in the different regions, there are different policies on internet uses, and developers cannot do much about the app or modify it according to the location.


How to watch PPV boxing on Mobdro

 Watching your favorite program with cable TV connection makes you pay a lot every month. Especially if you have a knack for watching live boxing matches, then you have to pay a large amount for the particular channels which air the PPV boxing programs. But now omit that expense by using various applications will help you to watch whatever you wish without paying a penny.


How to watch PPV boxing on Mobdro

Mobdro is a free android apk that lets you watch programs on your android device, PC or iOS device. The sports lovers can use this app to see the PPV events like boxing etc. UFC fights are PPV events which can be viewed through Mobdro without paying for any subscription or registration. 

  • When you will download Mobdro, you can navigate to the channels like BT sports 1 and BT sports 2 to watch the PPV boxing.
  • The channels could be found by typing the names of them on the search box at Mobdro home screen at the top right corner.
  • You can watch unlimited number of PPV boxing on Mobdro without bothering for registration of any kind of payment, as the whole experience is free. So from now on, if you wish to watch PPV boxing from anywhere, you know what to do.
  • Do not bother to search internet for low quality content streaming apps or channels, rather download the latest version of Mobdro and get started with enjoying the live boxing on UFC PPV.

How to watch UFC PPV on Mobdro with any device

UFC is available only on few channels and it required Pay-per-view subsection or PPV. UFC PPV events can be seen through internet on your android device. The process needs subscription services. You can also watch UFC PPV programs on particular TV channels.

Mobdro takes the responsibility of showing you the programs that are streaming, and live videos. It is not bind by any restrictions and the users can view any program form any part of the world through this android apk. If you wish to watch the program on Mobdro, then search for a channel on Mobdro that broadcasts the event. 

watch UFC PPV on Mobdro

Watch UFC PPV on Mobdro

Now these channels are most of the time geo-restricted and people of various countries are not allowed to see these UFC PPV events. To see UFC PPV events you better use a good VPN to hide your IP address and location. This way you will surpass the geo-restriction. 

You can see and also download the videos for offline watching.

  • Through Mobdro you will be able to watch the sports programs that are aired on UFC events through affiliated channels.
  • This process will let you watch the UFC matches Live on your device. But you need to download Mobdro and check the UFC TV schedule to know which channels will air the UFC events.
  • Also do not forget to take a note of time and date, as it may not match with the standard time of your zone.

Mobdro HD APK App Official Live TV app

The streaming of movies, series, TV shows or documentary, sports or other content will have a better visibility on your android device, as Mobdro has its HD version now.

Mobdro HD APK

Mobdro HD app

  • You can watch free online TV channels and latest episodes in HD quality.
  • There will be no interruption while you will watch the sports or movies in this HD version of Mobdro apk.
  • Cartoons and news channels are also available on the HD version and you will get to see the tutorial for free on this version to download it on different types of devices.
  • Watching live sports on your high end device for free will be possible with the HD version of this app.
  • The HD videos will offer you best entertainment experience on android smartphone, PC, windows or tablet. Most of the smart devices have supreme quality of resolution and it will be sufficient to have the HD version of Mobdro.

Mobdro for Chromebook ( Chrome OS)

Streaming unlimited number of programs on a high quality device like Chromebook is possible with the Mobdro app. Movies, shows, series and many more can be accessed if you combine the right app with the right device. This is how you can do it.


Mobdro on Chromebook

  • To begin with you need to download the Mobdro apk from a third party app store as this apk is not available on Google play store.
  • Now go to the apps section of Chromebook in the Chrome Browser and here find the ARC welder. You have to download ARC welder and it will take a few minutes. After the completion, the ARC welder will open on the Chromebook screen.
  • Go to the ARC Welder option and select the Mobdro apk file from here. The Mobdro apk will be installed and a few minutes will be taken in this process.
  • After finishing installation, Mobdro apk will open on the home screen.


Download Mobdro free App for Android Tablet

To watch endless number of movies and shows for free, you can easily download Mobdro on your Tablet. Here is how you will do it.


Mobdro on Tablet

  • First, configure your device to download the apps from third party sources other than Google Play store. To do that, go to settings and security, then enable the unknown sources option.
  • Now you can install Mobdro from android 7 devices. If you have android 8 device then go to the settings and apps. The options at upper right hand corner has special access button which will be enabled on click.
  • Search for Mobdro on the browser and download it from the trusted website. The downloading process will be shown in progress by a notification bar. Click OK on the confirmation pop up box.
  • After downloading is finished, install the Mobdro app by clicking Next button. When finished, you will be able to access the range of contents available with this app.

Mobdro for Kindle Fire Download & Install

Kindle or Kindle Fire is a product of Amazon and it is run with Fire OS. As it is run by android, the Kindle users can successfully install and use Mobdro on their devices.

Mobdro for Kindle

Mobdro on Kindle

  • To begin with, you need to set the Kindle device to allow the download of apps from unknown sources. Go to the settings and then applications. From here you will find the option to allow apps from unknown sources. Set it on.
  • Open the web browser to download the Mobdro apk, or the mirror server Mobdro apk.
  • Let the download be finished, and then open the file of Mobdro apk to get it installed on Kindle.
  • The process will be finished within minutes and you will be ready to watch programs on your Kindle Fire device with Mobdro apk. If you face the Parse error then try to delete and re-download the apk file, or else your device is incompatible.


Download Mobdro for Blackberry [Working]

Mobdro is not yet officially available for Blackberry world app store. You can get hold of the Mobdro apk file from the downloaded apk store. Later you can follow the below steps to get Mobdro on your Blackberry device.

Mobdro for Blackberry

Mobdro on Blackberry

  • To begin with, visit the settings of app manager on Blackberry and go to the installing apps. Here you can turn on the option for allowing apps from other sources. This will allow your device to be ready to download the apps from stores other than Blackberry app store.
  • Now go to the apk file store to search the link for Mobdro to download. When found, click to download the apk. Confirm when asked.
  • When the download is completed, install it on the device. When it is done, you will be ready to use Mobdro apk on your Blackberry device. Live TV channels, movies and many other programs will be available for your viewing.